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Interested in learning about or getting involved with tech repair? Join our Repair Guide Workshop! This is a great opportunity to gain new skills, practice hands-on technical work, and join a community of people passionate about repair.

The program is also completely free, and all the required tools/resources will be provided by STRI and iFixIt. 

If you are interested, you can read more about the details below, or please sign up here by July 25th.


Repair Guide Workshop

Have you ever wondered what the inside of your device looks like? Do you want to learn how to repair your own digital devices? Do you have experience in technical repair and want to help others learn how? If so, join STRI's new program at UCSB: the Repair Guide Workshop


When does the program take place?

-Repair Guide Workshop begin on July 27th and August 3rd at 1:00PM ~ 3:00PM at the SSMS 1301!


-If you are interested, please sign up here by July 25th 

-if you want to join the STRI team, check out our website!

What is the program about?

RGW was created to give students experience solving technical problems with resources that are freely available. During the program, small groups of students will meet each week to develop their writing skills and practice hands-on repairs. Following iFixIt’s standard project as an outline, STRI tech specialists will teach students about:

- Troubleshooting
- Technical writing
- Product photography
- Repair safety
- Basic hardware repair and maintenance

Then students will use the skills they have gained to write step by step guides on how to repair a device. If the guides are successful, they will be published on iFixIt’s website to help others with future repairs! Here is an example from the STRI team in 2019.

Who can join?

UCSB students from any year and background are encouraged to participate. This is a multidisciplinary project and we hope to have teams with different skill sets. The program is completely free, and all the required tools/resources will be provided by STRI and iFixIt. 

Sign up here by July 25th.