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Welcome to the Sustainable Technology Repair Initiative at UC Santa Barbara

  • Over 95% of UCSB students own a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.
    What happens when one of these devices breaks?
  • The STRI team is made up of UCSB students. We know how necessary technology is in our everyday coursework and research. And we know what it feels like when these devices don’t work. While some can immediately replace their devices, others must cope with a poorly functioning device for months or years at a time. STRI believes that sustained access to quality technology is an unmet basic need on campus and will work towards reducing this digital divide.
  • A technology repair resource not only helps to address equity issues, but also environmental impacts. Reusing is a fundamental (and relatively neglected) aspect of the reuse, reduce, and recycle trifecta. With 70 million computers already in our landfills, we understand the irreversible damage that e-waste has left on our environment. By facilitating tech repair, STRI aims to reduce e-waste on campus and contribute to UCSB’s broader sustainability efforts.
  • We are students. We are educated. We are you. We are hiring.

Virtual Consultation and Diagnosis - Winter and Spring 2021

What is the Virtual Consultation and Diagnosis?

Our free virtual consultation and diagnosis is accessible anywhere through our Zoom peer support service to assist with any concerns related to your device. We can act as a starting point to figure out issues on your device in a clear and understandable way and demystify how your technology works along the way. Whether you need professional help with potential solutions to a tech issue or you simply want someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of, we can help make tech approachable.


Who is Eligible?

If you are currently a UCSB student, you are eligible for our services! 


What if I'm under warranty? How do I know if I am?

It is always recommended to contact the device manufacturer if you are covered by warranty. A  warranty typically lasts one year after purchase, and your credit card company may offer an additional one year warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty. We can also help you figure out if you are covered under warranty and how to take advantage of that coverage.
If the manufacturer is unwilling to honor the warranty or if you want to understand how to fix your device we may potentially offer quicker and more understandable advice than the official manufacturer. We can help you diagnose the issue with your device and understand your options to repair it.

Sign up for your Consultation and Diagnosis here:



We will email you the Zoom link after you schedule an appointment. Please note that we may not be able to accommodate every person's issue. However, we guarantee that we will follow up with every person who signs up for our services and provide an explanation of why we can, or cannot, proceed with troubleshooting.


Send us a quick message via our social media or contact page if you have any questions!

Join our Initiative

Year-long Sustainable Technology Repair Internship sponsored by the IT&S Dept.
$15/hr -- up to 40 hrs/wk (Summer 21), 20 hrs/wk (Fall 21-Spring 22)
Apply by May 12 for priority consideration
STRI is partnering with UCSB’s Information Technology & Services Department Internship program! We are looking to hire a paid Sustainable Technology Repair Intern to build our educational programming and advocate for student technology repair resources on campus. No technical experience required. Please contact for more information or if you have any questions.
Who is STRI:
The Sustainable Technology Repair Initiative’s (STRI) goal is to provide the UCSB community with an accessible, affordable, and sustainable technology repair resource, in order to reduce digital inequality and e-waste. Our 3 pillars are equity, environment, and empowerment. STRI is by students, for students. It began in 2019 as a response to a lack of tech resources on campus. In the last two years, we have successfully hosted an in-person pop-up repair event, a virtual pop-up event, and in Spring 21 we launched a free, weekly online consultation service open to all UCSB students. With this internship, we hope to expand our advocacy for accessible, affordable, and sustainable technology ownership through educational workshops and partnering with other campus groups. Read more in the "About Us" section.
Internship Description: 
The Sustainable Technology Repair Intern will coordinate and implement, in conjunction with the STRI team, our educational and advocacy work within the UCSB community. This position has the unique opportunity of working with multiple IT departments within UCSB, enabling the intern to work with and speak on behalf of STRI to UCSB administrators. In addition, the intern will work directly with UCSB students and campus groups, implementing hands-on educational programming and collecting technology repair sustainability data. 
  • Work with key stakeholders, e.g. campus clubs, the Basic Needs Advising Center, administrative units, and departments to get the word out about technology resources on campus, partner with campus groups to create informative educational programming around personal device ownership
  • Communicate, through internship activities and other meeting spaces, with campus administrators about STRI progress, hurdles, needs, and interests.
  • Learn about general repair for phones and computers through our training program, and assist in student consultations and repairs where possible.
  • Stay up to date with environmentally friendly practices and implement them into STRI
  • Underclassmen are encouraged to apply!
  • Knowledge of the Right to Repair Movement
  • Willingness to explore/learn technology repair
  • Interest in/experience with creating participatory programming related to personal device ownership
  • Interest in sustainability and equity dimensions of technology ownership
  • Act as a liaison between STRI and other basic needs organizations on campus.
  • Organize and promote quarterly educational events to teach students about repair and maintenance for their devices.
  • Get the word out to the UCSB community through social media and other networking platforms.
  • Be an advocate for smart consumer choices and facilitate access to available technology resources.
  • Engage with other tech resources, such as the Campus Store Computer Department and CyberSecurity to explore partnerships and collaborate on relevant activities/projects.
  • Create informational material using data from surveys, repairs, and online sources to support the work STRI does.
  • Meet at least once weekly with the STRI team to discuss the development of STRI.
  • While the UCSB IT Internship Program does not require previous experience, applicants must demonstrate an eagerness to learn and a willingness to develop strong morale.
Additional program benefits include:
  • $15/hour
  • Open to all undergrads, including freshmen and sophomores
  • Summer - up to 40 hours per week
  • Fall/Winter/Spring - Up to 20 hours per week
  • Flexible hours
Learn more about the UCSB IT internship program here.
How to Apply:
Fill out the application and attach a resume by May 12 for priority consideration. The application is available here:

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