Welcome to the Sustainable Technology Repair Initiative at UC Santa Barbara

  • Over 95% of UCSB students own a laptop, tablet and/or smartphone.
    What happens when one of these devices breaks?
  • The STRI team is made up of UCSB students. We know how necessary technology is in our everyday coursework and research. And we know what it feels like when these devices don’t work. While some can immediately replace their devices, others must cope with a poorly functioning device for months or years at a time. STRI believes that sustained access to quality technology is an unmet basic need on campus and will work towards reducing this digital divide.
  • A technology repair resource not only helps to address equity issues, but also environmental impacts. Reusing is a fundamental (and relatively neglected) aspect of the reuse, reduce, and recycle trifecta. With 70 million computers already in our landfills, we understand the irreversible damage that e-waste has left on our environment. By facilitating tech repair, STRI aims to reduce e-waste on campus and contribute to UCSB’s broader sustainability efforts.
  • We are students. We are educated. We are you.


Our Services are Temporarily on Hold

If you would like to hear news about when services will resume, consider signing up for our newsletter using your UCSB Google account (you may need to open the link in an incognito tab to get a button to login to your UCSB account).

Show Your Support for STRI!

We need your help to make STRI a permanent service available to all students on campus! Show your support for STRI by signing this petition for University funding. With your help, we can demonstrate the need for tech repair services on campus.

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Below is a description of the service we offered. Please note that the service is not currently being offered.

What is a Tech Consultation and Diagnosis?

Our free consultation and diagnosis is an accessible peer support service to assist with any concerns related to your device. We can act as a starting point to figure out issues on your device in a clear and understandable way and demystify how your technology works along the way. Whether you need professional help with potential solutions to a tech issue or you simply want someone knowledgeable to bounce ideas off of, we can help make tech approachable. You can also sign up for an appointment through Zoom 

What if I can't fix my device on my own?

If physical repair is needed for your device and you are uncomfortable with doing it on your own, we offer physical services as well. Simply sign up for a consultation. We do not charge any labor for our physical services, and you only need to pay for any parts that need replacing, so getting your phone fixed will be significantly cheaper than at a repair shop. In order to keep physical meetings safe, we require masks to be worn throughout the repair and we require you to show your clearance badge from completing the screening survey. We will also wipe down surfaces and devices with disinfecting wipes.

Who is eligible?

If you are currently a UCSB student, you are eligible for our services! 

What if I'm under warranty? How do I know if I am?

It is always recommended to contact the device manufacturer if you are covered by warranty. A  warranty typically lasts one year after purchase, and your credit card company may offer an additional one year warranty on top of the manufacturer warranty. We can also help you figure out if you are covered under warranty and how to take advantage of that coverage.
If the manufacturer is unwilling to honor the warranty or if you want to understand how to fix your device we may potentially offer quicker and more understandable advice than the official manufacturer. We can help you diagnose the issue with your device and understand your options to repair it.