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Learn more about technology through online resources

Our resources are a collection of helpful information that can improve your technical literacy and keep your technological life in good condition. Become more knowledgeable about maintaining your device, familiarize yourself with the things to consider when buying a new device, or learn how to keep yourself safe on the internet.
Our resources are constantly being updated, so check back regularly for more information. If the information you want to learn about is missing, contact us about adding it to our page or sign up for a consultation to get help.
Our resources are split into several categories depending on what you want to learn:
  • Quick Fixes - Step-by-step guides for troubleshooting and fixing a variety of hardware and software issues, all with explanations about what went wrong (Found in top bar)
  • Privacy - Keep yourself secure on the internet and prevent companies from collecting unnecessary data
  • Device Maintenance - Tips on how to keep your device in good condition, from advice on keeping your battery healthy to safely cleaning the device
  • New Devices - Tips on what factors to consider when buying a device and removing bloatware from a new device
  • What to do with Old Devices - Ideas on how you can make an old device useful again or how to properly dispose of an old device
  • Right to Repair - Learn about why repair is important for the environment and our ownership of devices, and why we need to fight for it
  • Videos - A selection of videos created by us on topics related to repair